This condition is a fracture of the bony bump that is located opposite of the head of the humerus. fractures of the tuberosity prescott az Overview

The greater tuberosity is the bony bump in the shoulder area that is located laterally on the humerus. The humerus or arm bone, is the bone located between the elbow and the shoulder. Fractures to the greater tuberosity is common and unfortunately can interfere with a person’s rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is made up of tendons and muscles and it surrounds the shoulder joint, helping the arm to lift and rotate. If a fracture to the greater tuberosity is left untreated, damage to the rotator cuff can occur, resulting in weakness and limited motion of the arm.


There are many things that can cause a greater tuberosity fracture. The most common cause is direct trauma to the shoulder usually during a fall. When a person falls their natural reaction is to outstretch their arm to catch themself. The impact can lead to a fracture in the greater tuberosity. A dislocation of the shoulder can also cause a fracture in this area. If a person suffers from osteoporosis, a weakening of the bones, they are also more prone to these types of fractures.


When a person fractures their greater tuberosity there are several symptoms they may experience. The most common symptoms are pain when lifting or moving the arm, swelling, and limited motion in the shoulder. If a person is experiencing any of these symptoms it’s important to contact Davis Orthopedics. Seeing Dr. Mark Davis D.O. at the onset of the symptoms and being treated, is the best way to avoid severe pain and further problems with the greater tuberosity as well as the rotator cuff.


When a person comes into our Prescott Valley, Arizona office with a greater tuberosity fracture there are several treatment options we provide to get the patient out of pain and help with the healing process. The treatment options we recommend will depend on the severity of the fracture in each case. Dr. Davis may recommend at first a conservative approach. These conservative approaches include a sling, for patients whose bones haven’t moved out of place, rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications and, after the area has healed, physical therapy to help regain proper motion of the arm. In severe cases surgery may be needed to help the area heal properly. 

If you are suffering from a greater tuberosity fracture it’s important to contact Davis Orthopedics immediately. Our professional team can help you get the relief you need. Contact our office today for more information and to schedule an appointment. 



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