This condition is an irritation or inflammation of the biceps tendon at the shoulder. inflammation of the biceps tendon prescott azOverview

The bicep muscle called bicep brachii is the muscle that is located at the front of the upper arm. This muscle is used to help the arm bend, flex, twist and move in an overhead motion. The bicep muscle has two tendons that attach it to the bones of the shoulder and the bones at the elbow. Overtime, and with over use, the tendon that attaches to the bicep can become inflamed and cause discomfort. This condition is called biceps tendinitis and is defined as an irritation or inflammation of the biceps tendon at the shoulder.


There are several causes of biceps tendinitis.

This condition usually results from overuse of the shoulder that occurs during certain sports and certain jobs. If a person has a job that constantly requires them to lift objects overhead or constantly do an overhead motion they may experience biceps tendinitis. Also many sports can contribute to bicep tendonitis. Some of these include tennis, swimming, baseball and volleyball. 

These constant activities can lead to inflammation of the tendon and stress on the shoulder joint. When this occurs, and a person continues to use the shoulder without treatment, this inflammation can lead to a  deterioration of the biceps tendon, tears and possible rupture. This is why it is important to contact Davis Orthopedics when experiencing chronic discomfort in the shoulder or bicep area. Our experienced team will evaluate the area and discuss with the patient the symptoms they may be experiencing.


There are many different symptoms that can alert a person that they may have biceps tendinitis. Some of these include:

  • Tenderness on the front of the shoulder
  • Shoulder weakness
  • Radiating pain down the arm
  • Severe pain when lifting arm overhead 
  • Popping or snapping sound in upper arm 
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

If a person is suffering from any of these symptoms, it is important to contact Davis Orthopedics. Dr. Mark Davis D.O. will evaluate certain areas of the arm to determine if the symptoms are caused by biceps tendinitis. If needed x-rays or an MRI may be needed to properly diagnose the problem.


If the diagnosis is biceps tendinitis there are several treatment options we provide for our patients at our Prescott Valley, Arizona office. Some of the treatment options we recommend and offer include rest, cold compress, anti-inflammatory medications, injections, stretching exercises and physical therapy. If a patient’s case is severe or if conservative treatments do not improve the symptoms, Dr. Mark Davis D.O. may recommend surgical treatment. If you are suffering from the symptoms of biceps tendinitis contact Davis Orthopedics today. Our goal is to help all our patients receive the treatment they need to get back to their active pain free life.


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