Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder is one of the most common procedures performed by orthopedic surgeons today.

This surgery is less invasive and recovery is faster than “open” surgery. Although it is less invasive, it does still require the use of anesthetics and special equipment. During the procedure a small incision is made to insert the arthroscope (an endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision). This procedure allows surgeons to evaluate the shoulder joint with the use of fiber-optic instruments. Once the repair is made the incision is closed with sutures and bandages. It is mostly done for torn rotator cuff tendons and ligaments, to remove bone spurs and loose bodies from the joint. It is usually for an outpatient procedure, which will not require the patient to stay overnight at the hospital. The amount of surgery required and recovery time will depend upon each individual and the severity of the problem. If you have questions or concerns about shoulder arthroscopy, please ask Dr. Davis at the time of your consultation.


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